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Iterative Surpassing Dreams---Eurocrane(China) Co., Ltd. 2018 Welcome Ceremony

Iterative Surpassing Dreams---Eurocrane(China)Co., Ltd. 2018 Welcome Ceremony

2017 is over, we are reviewing the harvest and the shortcomings; 2018 has arrived, we are full of fighting spirit and hope! In the new year, Eurocrane will not forget the original heart, go forward and pursue excellence!

On February 5, 2018, [Iterative Surpasses Dreams", the 2018 New Year Ceremony of Fontaine was held in Wuhu High-tech Zone, Wujiang, Suzhou. All employees of the Eurocrane Group Company gathered together for a party.

The leaders of the Group and the business unit summarized the performance of Eurocrane in 2017 and looked forward to the development in 2018: In 2017, the Fintel A shares were successfully listed. On this broader platform, Eurocrane did not forget At the beginning, the company pursued the spirit of the craftsman and strengthened the construction of corporate culture. With excellent products and services, the company achieved great breakthroughs in its performance and its market share increased steadily. In addition, the company has intensified its efforts to improve the innovation system and management system. Domestic and foreign investment has also been gradually developed. Eurocrane has made great strides in becoming a leader in the Crane and material handling industry. In 2018, we will continue to build on the future, based on comprehensive safety management, comprehensive quality management and comprehensive budget management, continuously promote industry changes, use technology innovation to enhance core competitiveness, and provide customers with superior products and life-cycle quality services. Increase the overseas layout and achieve domestic and international growth.

The success of a company, the talent is the foundation, the culture is the soul, and the development of the company is attributed to the management personnel who lead the team to fight, and it is also attributed to all the front-line employees who are working hard and improving. Hard work has only created it today. The company has awarded awards to outstanding employees, excellent managers and excellent teams, sales champions and best sales. It also awarded trophies and medals to employees who have served the company for 5, 10 and 15 years. Thanks to them. The progress and contribution of the company. A successful company can't be without benchmarks. They are rooted in ordinary work. The excellent quality affects everyone around you. The ingenuity is between the senses, the pursuit of never-before, every dedication, down-to-earth, hard work. The Eurocrane people deserve to be remembered. Holding the heavy trophies in their hands, each of the winners is full of excitement and excitement. They say that the results only represent the past. All the Eurocrane members will be customer-centric, through the active cooperation of the team, do their best and persist in serving customers. Provide high quality products and professional services to create value for customers. We will continue to pursue technological innovation and management improvement to make the company sustainable, stable and healthy development!

In the following New Year's Eve party, the wonderful programs were one after another. The passionate "Women's Workers Have Power" sang the positive spirit of the first-line workers and the spirit of pursuing quality; the poem recited "We are flying eagle" "Shows the sense of responsibility and mission of all the Français teamwork, full struggle, pursuit of excellence; the "Best Beauty Doll" on behalf of the future generation of the outstanding children of Eurocrane expresses the expectations of the future, the show is wonderful, The applause was repeated.

The annual meeting is a summary of the past year, and it is to save power for the journey of the coming year! Everyone toasted each other, celebrated the results of yesterday, and told the future! Everyone walks along the way, all the achievements are inseparable from the support of the partners, the words of gratitude are beyond words, and all the hearts of the Eurocrane people are integrated at this time!

The glorious 2017 has passed, and the 2018 full of hopes and challenges has arrived. We must aim at the customer first and teamwork as the action. We must work hard to create value and pursue excellence. We will continue to uphold the mindset of beginners, constantly improve our products and services in the spirit of artisans, satisfy customers, let the world change the understanding of Chinese crane products, and let Eurocrane become the global leader!

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