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Steel Structures

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Crane Pendant Control Station

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0025

As a handheld device specifically intended for crane operators our crane pendant control station has everything to cover all your control needs Approved by EN UL and CEE standards this device is also on a par with various other international...

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Slings for Lifting Loads

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0024

When our standard size coil tong does not fit your needs we can fabricate one to your specific requirements This is to ensure maximum safety as the device operates on your local construction sites Optional parts for the coil tong include the...

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Red Painted Crane Grab

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0023

Crane grab is primarily used in combination with the bridge crane port machinery and winches with unique functions to grab bulk materials Advantages Exceptional grabbing performance ensures high productivity Simple operation Wide application Compact...

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Crane Electromagnetic Lifter Device

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0022

This series of lifting magnet differs from previous models in that it adopts two closely spaced coils of wire wrapped around their common iron core These two coils are electrically isolated from each other with the first coil used to produce the...

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Hoist Chain - part of Crane

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0021

The hoist chain is useful tool in lifting heavy goods Its length can be adjusted according to different lifting height requirements What we provides to customers is the galvanized hoist chain manufactured using French automation equipment Technical...

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The product of Crane Brakes

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0020

A crane brake not only serves a control purpose but also functions as a safety device With the brake a hoist can speed up or slow down its vertical motion as well as control the rising or lowering goods to stop stably at a required height Another...

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Crane Frequency Converter Device

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0017

During crane operation a frequency inverter is an effective tool to control the rotational speed of the three phase asynchronous motor It is critical to ensure a safer more stable running of the crane We offer standard product lineups as well as...

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The product of Crane Gearbox

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0019

Crane gearbox is an important component in a crane s operating and hoisting mechanism Its modular design maximizes the interchangeability of the gearbox parts meanwhile modularity in design also allows the parts to be freely used in different...

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The product of Crane Motor

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0016

We tend to design the different components of our crane gear motor separately so that they can be used in different system to drive multiple functionalities Various drive solutions tailored to customer specific requirements on the range of speed and...

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The product of Crane Cable

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0018

RVV series Cable Harnesses for construction Machinery Advantages 1 Material PVC 2 Exceptional insulation performance 3 Good chemical stability 4 Safe to use 5 Small bend radius means great cable flexibility 6 Hold up to a certain level of external...

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Crane Electric control cabinet

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0015

We provide customers with the electrical cabinet electric switchgear and complete sets of electrical control panels as well as site installation and commissioning services Meanwhile we offer to redesign or remanufacture non standard electrical...

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The part of Crane - Buffer

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0014

During crane or trolley running the brakes or limit switches may suddenly break down Due to inertia the vehicle will continue in the state of motion until running into the end stop preset at both ends of its runway track The aim of adding a crane...

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Crane End carriage Device

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0013

The horizontal track assembly is comprised of the horizontal track member and crane traveling mechanism Along the horizontal track the crane can move forward or backward according to the designated route Meanwhile the precision machined rail allows...

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Wire Rope-Important part of Crane

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0012

Made of multiple strands wound together the steel wire rope is one of the most crucial components in a crane Each strand has a tensile strength ranging between 1470 N mm2 and 2160N mm2 As the load carrying rope used in the hoisting mechanism it can...

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Euocrane Hysteresis Cable Reel

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0011

The crane hyseresis cable reel is built to handle power control communication signals transferred to large mobile equipment Our cable drum design and service can be customized according to the cable types winding lengths and drum installation height...

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Important part of Crane- Drum

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0010

The cable drum is one of the most crucial components in a crane with unique functions to wind steel ropes of the hoisting or towing mechanism whereby converting the rotary of the driving unit into the linear motion of the rope Advantages and...

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Operator Cabin/Control cabin/ Cab

Model No. : Eurocrane-T0005

The crane cable is a critical facility to ensure driver safety From this cab operators can perform real time monitoring of the operating status associated with the crane lifting hook and lifted goods Advantages Ergonomic design Dependable safety...

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New Crane Grab with good quality

Model No. : Eurocrane-00148

Crane Grab Crane grab is primarily used in combination with the bridge crane port machinery and winches with unique functions to grab bulk materials Advantages Exceptional grabbing performance ensures high productivity Simple operation Wide...

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Crane Electromagnetic Lifter with Best Quality

Model No. : Eurocrane-00147

Crane Electromagnetic Lifter Essentially an electromagnetic lifter consists of a coil of wire wound around a soft iron core From the outside you see only a heavy cage or steel machined casing This series of lifting magnet differs from previous...

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High Quality Crane Hoist Chain

Model No. : Eurocrane-00146

Crane Hoist Chain Advantages One single chain is able to lift up to 2 5 tons of goods This figure is 1 5tons higher than that of other brand chains High precision grinding and heat treating Stable operation during lifting Designed for high lifting...

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China Steel Structures Suppliers

Eurocrane (China) Co., Ltd. forms the hub for steel structure manufacturing. The wide range of business activities is supported by wining management model advanced production equipment, and strict quality control system, which have received high praise from customers and our headquarter. All the raw materials and components are rigorously tested against related standards. Each production technique is associated with a quality assurance index and bound by clear instructions.

Our manufacturing base is assigned to Class A for special equipment manufacturing, assembly and repair, and awarded associative licenses. Additionally, the company has obtained certificates of ISO9001 quality management system and ISO14001 environmental management certificate issued by German TUV SUD Group.

The modern plant spans across 62 acres, with capacity of 5000 equipment sets per year.